Cataract Falls Cataract Falls
Cataract Falls State Recreation Area
Owen County, Indiana
Cataract Falls





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State will shore up troubled bridge
One of Indiana's most familiar and historically important covered bridges renovated. Story

Where Romance is special
My recommendation for one of the most romantic places in Indiana is Cataract Falls (the largest waterfall in Indiana) at Lieber State Park. In spring, summer or fall, the roar of the water hitting the rocks drowns out the noise of the world and allows intimate conversation in the great outdoors. The grassy and wooded areas adjacent are the perfect place for spreading a blanket and having an outdoor feast! What could be better than a retreat into such a beautiful spot in nature where the waters have flowed continuously for thousands of years. You can feel the spirit of the many lovers who must have stopped there, from Native Americans to pioneers to college students to tourists to 21st-century Hoosiers.

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